All The Dicks In Raymond Pettibon’s Show

The was the first one that really presented itself. You can see it down in the bottom center of the frame. Mostly balls.
Baseball dick. Again, mostly balls.
This is like some sort of flying dongplex wrestling manueuver. I spent a long time trying to figure out if anyone really wins with this move.
Double baseball dicks. More dick than balls in this set. Good shadow work. I don’t know. I’m not an artist.
The Gumbyrection. As avoided on TV.
I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that these are abstract dicks based on how many completely identifiable dicks were in the show.
This personally made me uncomfortable because I have a shy bladder.
The kind of piece where an art teacher is like “I don’t understand what you think you’re trying to accomplish here” and then you become famous and you get to flip them off forever.
This one was interesting because this dude’s hand is clearly behind his back, but it looks like a tiny hand and arm are holding his dick. What does it mean?
A microphallus gallery. Mostly balls. For biological reasons.
Dance like no one is drawing you.
I was relieved to find a drawing of a dick that didn’t actually have a dick in it. That way, if the guard came over I could easily deny that I was taking pictures of only dicks. Where’s the dick in this one smart guy? That’s what I thought.
The always elusive monkey penis remains hidden. Normal guy dick made it out though.
The kind of nightmares you have on the plane are terrifying.
Have you guys seen The Evil Dead?
I assume the dick here is the coin pouch looking thing down there. But this entire scene is horrifying so it may not follow conventional logic at all.
I almost missed this one because it was on a screen that was kind of hidden. Good try little guy, gotcha! Hahahaha. I’m so alone.
This guy’s expression is like when you swing a baseball bat and your balls get caught betwixt your legs and you’re like “Gahhhh someone draw me!”
Fuck the police.
From personal experience I can confidently say that this rarely results in a free ride.
I think the most impressive thing about this show for me besides the amount of dicks was the different styles of dick drawings. I have 2, maybe 3 different dick sketch styles, but each of Pettibon’s has a unique personality which I admire. Is that weird?
Punk as fuck.
The monkey penis continues to elude the artist.
This guy seems chill as fuck and I would talk to him at a party.
I liked this metaphor.
I just continued believing in the previous metaphor even though this may not even stand for a dick.
Here’s a cool sex tip: Applause is a very welcome response to seeing a dick for the first time.
The Circle Jerks were founded by former Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris … !!!
Is it just me or does it seem like the guy crumpled on the ground with a bag on his head is the only one not having fun here?
When you get too used to having your own apartment and take a shower at a friends house one day.
Best dick drawing of all time.



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